What is Bible journaling?

Washed, Sanctified, Justified

In September 2014 I was on Instagram and came across a photograph of a Bible that appeared to have a large space down the outside edge of the page, which had been filled with scrapbooking materials to create something beautiful with a verse from the page. When I read the comments below the image I discovered that it was a journaling Bible, when I googled that I came across an amazing blog where someone was doing similar - going to town with paint, stamps, stickers, die cuts and pastels to turn Bible pages into amazing pieces of creative worship. I was sold on the idea instantly! I have often wanted to underline and highlight in my Bible but always been scared to, it seemed somehow disrespectful. Yet here is a Bible designed specifically for just that, with an extra column for notes – a dream come true

My journaling Bible has totally revolutionised my personal devotion time and I have become a passionate advocate of creative worship, wanting to introduce others to this process which I have found so freeing and so vitalising to my faith!

So I have created these pages to explain more about Bible journaling, my favourite suppliesshare about my process,  photos of my own journaling Bible [below] and with time build up a collection of other journalers experiences too as a resource for those who are new to Bible journaling!